US Weekly: The Diet Secrets of Jennifer Aniston


Recently in US Weekly, everyone’s favorite good girl Jennifer Aniston revealed her “exact weight plan.” I’m going to save you four dollars and tell you the exact exercise and diet secrets of Jennifer Aniston (from US Weekly) for free!

1. Yoga once every two days for two hours. She said that she seems to grow taller as yoga helped to straighten her spine.

2. She jogs everyday at 6am.

3. She never splurges on anything other than a few chips with salsa each night.

4. She does 20 minutes on the elliptical machine or treadmill at 5.7 mph at a 1.5 incline.

5. During “Friends,” she ate the same salad everyday for ten years. Now she’s on a “common sense diet” portion control, no processed foods and lots of lean protein, fruit and vegetables.

Now, we have heard for years that Jen is an anxiety-ridden wreck and a serious chain smoker. So those cancer sticks may be helping her control her weight as well, but we cannot recommend it! (US Weekly)

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