Taylor Swift’s Diet, Workout and Exercise Plan


She’s only 19 years old and already an icon of the new generation of musicians. Taylor Swift is also a role model for girls all around the world, being the epitome of talent, elegance, class and common sense. Many say that, despite her age, Swift is more mature than most adults in today’s showbiz, and this also applies to her approach to a healthy lifestyle, as her latest interview with Allure magazine clearly shows.

Although with a delicate frame that would hardly require working out, some might say, Taylor knows that physical exercise is not only about losing weight. While focusing on staying healthy, the singer also trains to be in a fit physical shape that would prevent her from panting on stage during concerts, as she reveals for the aforementioned magazine.

“Basically, if I’m indulging too much and not exercising enough, I can feel that. I can feel a change before I see it. For me, working out is not so I can get skinny. It’s so that I can keep up my endurance so I’m not panting on stage. Heavy breathing is the worst when you’re in concert. You don’t want to see that if you’re going to see a show.” the stunning singer admits for the mag.

The best way to stay in shape for Taylor is running. In the same interview, the 19-year-old singer who broke all the music records in a while with her first two albums says she positively enjoys running. Also, just in case she does not have the time to go outdoors for a quick jog, she keeps a treadmill in the house, as well as one in her tour bus, to stay in shape in her home away from home. Running on the treadmill also helps her fight pre-show jitters, Taylor admits.

On a final note, when she’s not singing or training, Taylor shares she’s blogging or signing autographs. For an artist with her level of success and popularity, this one country singer proves to be extremely well-grounded, saying that she knows she is who she is because of her fans, and this is why she’s going out of her way not to lose contact with them. “I never would have sold any records if my fans hadn’t gone out and bought them. It’s so incredible to go out and sign autographs for nine hours straight. That’s just my favorite thing to do, honestly.” Swift explains for Allure.


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