Sunday, February 18, 2018

Britney Spears’ Bikini Workout and Beach Body Diet

Tweet How much does Britney Spears weigh? Well, she recent lost 20 pounds in four weeks! How did she do it? OK! Magazine recently revealed Britney Spears’ bikini ab workout and beach body diet secrets! The sexy mom of Sean, 3, and Jayden, 2, can credit her slamming new body in part to the Sunfare […]

Valerie Bertinelli Bikini Photos at 48! How she did it!

Tweet The night before Valerie Bertinelli prepared to step out in public wearing a bikini – for the first time in nearly 30 years! – she found herself unable to sleep. As her mind raced with insecurity (“I thought, Am I really going to do this? Can I pull this off?” the actress admits), Bertinelli […]

How to Get Michelle Obama’s Toned Arms

Tweet First lady Michelle Obama has a fashion following, with blogs tracking her daily garment choices. Michelle Obama’s appearances in sleeveless outfits have inspired some women to start toning their arms. She’s was on the cover of Vogue in a sleeveless silk sheath. Then there was the purple sleeveless Narciso Rodriguez she wore to the […]

Supermodel Kathy Ireland’s Weight Battle

Tweet Last December, former supermodel Kathy Ireland was indulging in one of her favorite pastimes at home in Santa Barbara: baking cookies. At the same time, her 14-year-old son Erik was running around the house snapping photos when he captured a candid of his mom that made him snicker. “I said, ‘What’s so funny?’ And […]

Kirstie Alley’s New Diet Plan, After Gaining 83 Pounds

Tweet Kirstie Alley’s weight gain of 83 pounds is something many people can relate to. But she’s intent on losing it again. Find out what the new Kirstie Alley new diet plan is! When Kirstie Alley stepped on the scale for the first time in 15 months, it wasn’t pretty. “I started screaming,” recalls Alley, […]

US Weekly: The Diet Secrets of Jennifer Aniston

Tweet Recently in US Weekly, everyone’s favorite good girl Jennifer Aniston revealed her “exact weight plan.” I’m going to save you four dollars and tell you the exact exercise and diet secrets of Jennifer Aniston (from US Weekly) for free! 1. Yoga once every two days for two hours. She said that she seems to […]

Building the Abs of Madonna and Gwyneth

Tweet THIS is the woman responsible for Madonna’s arms. Tracy Anderson pulls down on resistant elastic bands strung across the ceiling; dances around the room; endlessly circles her arms. She moves her torso back and forth and sideways to strengthen the abdominals, and then lies on her — of course — taut belly for a […]

The Secret of Melissa Joan Hart’s Weight Loss: 42 Pounds!

Tweet Melissa Joan Hart’s weight loss is a terrific follow-up to Valerie Bertinelli’s bikini photos. Learn how the former star of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch lost 42 pounds with her beach body diet, it’s no magic trick how she did it! Looking at Melissa Joan Hart’s new 113-lb. bikini body, it’s hard to believe it […]

Jessica Simpson Weight Gain Controversy

Tweet Forget the economic crisis or war in the Middle East, the real story seems to be the Jessica Simpson Weight Gain Controversy. Her former trainer and sister Ashlee speak out! Jessica Simpson ‘s former trainer, The 5-Factor Diet author Harley Pasternak, is defending the singer’s new fuller figure. “She has curves where a woman […]

Are you ready for The Obama Diet?

TweetWe’re used to hearing about the grande dames of the diet world: Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig. Well, move over ladies, there’s a new diet in town: The Obama Diet (USA Today) What President-elect Barack Obama likes to eat and doesn’t like has become a subject of intense interest, both to purveyors of foods and […]

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